Country Shenanigans
Our Shelties are not just our pets, they are our family.
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Past Litters
​Kamdyn & McGregor's Feb. 2015 litter.
Brinley and Ramsey's 7/2014 litter
Puppy Lineup
Saylor with her new mom, Terri
Cooper with Dan and Tracy
Maci with Christina and Rob
Phoebe with William and Elaine
Luna with Lisa and Brian
Kamdyn nursing her pups within 2 hours of her emergency C-section.  What a great mom!
Misty and Ramsey's 10/30/15 litter.
4 weeks old
Bella with her new family, Olivia, Paul, Kristin and Michael.
Eva with her new dad, Sal.  Lucy with her new mom, Donna.  They are mother and son, so the girls will be seeing a lot of each other!
Buddy playing with his "sister" Kendall from Kamdyn and McGregor's 2/15 litter.
Yep, I'm high steppin' it now!
I love you mom
Buddy with his new family, Tyler, Matthew, and Georgie.
Misty & Ramsey's 8/2016 litter
Kamdyn & McGregor's 12/2015 litter---1 sable male
Gabby and Ramsey's 1/29/17 litter.  
 3 males and 1 female---all sold
Kendall and Ramsey's 2/5/17 litter.  2 sable males, 1 tri male and 1 tri female
All sold
Kamdyn and Ramsey's 3/14/17 litter. 
  4 tri males,1 bi-black male, and 1 tri female.  
Thai  with Laurie and Wes
Finn with his new family
Kato and Sandy
Myla with Bette
Albie with Kim & Brian
Millie and the Steens
Jake is loving his new "mom" Gigi
Sava and his new girl Aryana
Chloe with her new family, Kyle, Kim, and Lenny
Puppy 4 with Bernie
Shiloh with the Angevine's
Marco with Colleen
Blue merle girl
Bi-blue girl
Tri boy
Blue merle boy
Tri girl
Misty & Ramsey pups born 11/10/17. 2 bi-black males, 1 tri male, 1 blue merle male, 1 blue merle female, and 1 bi-blue female.

Gabby & Ramsey pups born 11/17/17.  2 sable females and 2 sable males.

Bi-black boy 1
Bi-black boy 2
Gabby and Ramsey's 7/27/18 litter.  2 sable males

Boy 1
Boy 2
Kamdyn & Quincy's 1/30/19 litter.  2 sables males & 1 tri female
Misty & Ramsey's 2/9/19 litter.  2 bi-black males,
2 bi-black females, 1 tri female,
 1 blue merle female, and1 bi-blue female--All are sold.
Bi-black boy 1
Bi-black girl 1
Bi-black girl 2
Sisterly love.
Misty's 10/26/19 litter.  1 bi-blue boy, 1 tri boy, 1 tri girl, 1 bi-black boy, and 1 bi-black girl.
All are sold.
Gabby's 11/2/19 litter.  3 females and 2 males.
All are sold.
Boy 1
Boy 2
Girl 1
Girl 2
Girl 3
Tri girl
Tri boy
Bi-Blue boy
Tri boy--sold
Tri girl--sold
Piper with her new mom, Diana
Phoenix with his new family & "brother"

Boy 1 with his new mom & dad
Graceson with his new family
Nittany with her new family
Summer with her new mom & brother